What are Virginia Residency Requirements for Divorce?

residency requirements for divorce in Virginia

To initiate a divorce in Virginia, one must adhere to the residency criteria set forth by the state. Here are the residency requirements for obtaining a divorce in Virginia:

  1. At least one spouse needs to establish genuine residency in Virginia. This entails living within the state and demonstrating the intention to make it a permanent home.
  2. The spouse seeking divorce or the respondent must have been a resident of Virginia for a minimum of six months before filing the divorce petition. This prerequisite ensures a substantial connection to the state.

It is important to remember that the residency requirement specifically pertains to filing for divorce in Virginia. If both spouses reside in Virginia, the requirement is met. However, if the spouses live in different states, it might be necessary to file for divorce in the state where either spouse currently resides. Seeking guidance from a family law attorney can provide better insights into how the residency requirements apply to your unique circumstances.