Get Virginia Divorce Forms in PDF Format

forms for divorce in Virginia

There are so many reasons why divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, and completing the paperwork is one of them. Even if you are filing for a DIY divorce in Virginia, which will allow you to avoid exhausting court trials and working with a lawyer, you still need a lot of time to prepare all your forms. Fortunately, you can get your Virginia uncontested divorce forms in PDF format online and save plenty of time you would otherwise spend researching.

What Forms Are Needed for Getting a Divorce in Virginia?

There are many different types of VA divorce forms that you may need to file to legally end your marriage. Their total number depends on the specifics of your case. For example, if you have children, there may be additional forms, or the basic ones will include alterations to cover information about your children. Here are some of the common Virginia divorce forms in pdf:

1) Complaint for Divorce

The Complaint is the first and the most important form that you will need to start a divorce case. It is filled out by the person who initiates a marriage dissolution, a petitioner. Here, you will need to write down basic information about you, your spouse, and your marriage. You can download a divorce complaint example to see the full extent of the information required.

2) Domestic Case Coversheet

This important document provides the court with the basic details about the petitioner and the defendant, as well as the case filed. It will be necessary to indicate the type of divorce, date of separation, type of service on the defendant, and other information related to the case.

3) Separation Agreement

As per the name, the Separation Agreement covers the agreements that the petitioner and the defendant made regarding their divorce. These include but are not limited to property, debt, asset division, custody and child support, alimony, and court cost payment.

4) Divorce Decree

A Decree is a form finalizing your divorce. It will cover information about all final agreements in your case. You can see how these details are displayed in the document by downloading the Virginia divorce decree template.

Of course, you will need more forms to start the filing process. It is also very important to make sure that all your divorce paperwork is in order and that your forms are county-specific if necessary.

How to Fill Out Virginia Divorce Forms Online?

Getting a Virginia divorce online generally means getting help with the divorce forms using an online service. This is done in cases where spouses are in full agreement and want to end their marriage without a lawyer. To get divorce papers online in Virginia, it is necessary to take the following steps:

  • Check if an online service is the right option for you. You need to be in agreement and in contact with your spouse to answer the questions in the next steps.
  • Complete the questionnaire. These are details about your marriage, kids, property and debts, finances, etc.
  • Submit your answers and wait. Our system will choose the forms and fill them out based on your questionnaire responses.
  • Download and file your forms. Review the paperwork to make sure the information you provided is accurate. After that, print and sign the forms. As you will receive the instructions on how to file for divorce in Virginia online with your papers, use it to navigate the divorce process.

Download a Free Virginia Divorce Forms Templates in PDF

If you have decided to file without a lawyer, you can easily download the Virginia divorce forms in pdf from our reliable service. As there is a lot of paperwork that may potentially be required in your situation, not all of it may be presented on this page. If you want to receive the forms covering your and your spouse’s agreement and needs, our service will be glad to help you! Start your divorce process with a reliable companion!